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Limited edition collection.

Collaboration with American retailer, ‘Heal and Protect Yourself’©. Best known for their natural healing body and home products, Heal and Protect Yourself have partnered with PSIHII to create a one of a kind jewellery collection to promote healing and protection.

These organic natural stone beads are hand selected piece by piece and chosen for their particular healing properties.

Each design comes complete with an official PSIHII trademark tag. 

Available only online.

Due to the scarcity of these stones, our inventory is limited. 


Regulate your metabolism and heal your body.  

Metabolism is about more than burning calories and fat. It is about the delicate exchange of energy between the universe and every living cell. Loosely defined, metabolism is the cellular action by which our body makes energy, and uses it.  

To ensure our metabolism is functioning at its optimal level, in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, we need to heal the body of negative and obtrusive nuisances that keep us from reaching our best version of ourselves.  

Our ‘METABOLISM’ healing bracelet is comprised of organic Tiger’s Eye and Sodalite semi precious gemstones. Two of the most strongest healing gemstones on earth.  

The cooling blue tones of Sodalite are renowned for their natural ability of uplifting our mood and calming our energies. Sodalite has long been used as a stone to regulate water retention in the body, as it can help control blood pressure and reduce edema (swelling).  

The healing properties of Sodalite are believed to not only improve balance and metabolism, but also reduce calcium deficiency, improve the immune system and facilitate cleansing in organs and the lymphatic system. 

Tiger’s Eye is a strong, protective stone, with many healing attributes. It possesses a rather strong energy field, and has been used for centuries to treat broken bones, stimulate underactive organs, and regulate the metabolism. 

It is a stimulating stone, that helps overcome feelings of lethargy and provides motivation. For those working out, or engaged in physical activities, it is renowned for calming and relieving stressed muscles, boosting confidence during workouts, and providing an overall sense of happiness and serenity.  


Size Guide

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Size Chart

SIZES are identical for men's and women's catalogue.

Women's model wears a size (S) in 'Original Gemstone" & (S-M) in "Artisan Design"

Men's model wears a size (M) in 'Original Gemstone" & (S-M) in "Artisan Design"

For Original Gemstone bracelet designs (stretchy and non-stretchy)

SIZE Measurement of wrist
S 6"
M 7"
L 7.5"


For Artisan Design bracelets - adjustable to fit you perfectly.

SIZE  Measurement of wrist
S-M 5.5" - 7"
X-XL 7" - 8.5"


RING size chart


Measurement of string

Ring size
S 52  mm 6
M 56  mm 7.5
L 60  mm 9
XL 65  mm 11


* If your size is not available in stock, or if you have any questions about sizing, please email us at to confirm.