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.925 sterling silver Saint Helen & Saint Konstantine / IC XC NI KA patron necklace

Custom cast .925 sterling silver double sided coin medallion and necklace.

(one side)

Three dimensional casting of Saint Helen & Saint Konstantine, with bevel etching and oxidized detailing.

(other side)

Three dimensional casting of Greek Medieval Christogram 'IC XC NI KA', a traditional abbreviation of the Greek words for "Jesus Christ" (i.e., the first and last letters of each of the words "ΙΗϹΟΥϹ ΧΡΙϹΤΟϹ" and "ΝΙΚΑ", meaning conquered.  Together - Jesus Christ Conquers. Complete with oxidized detailing.

Hand made in Greece.

Complete with 17" chain.


Size Guide

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Size Chart

SIZES are identical for men's and women's catalogue.

Women's model wears a size (S) in 'Original Gemstone" & (S-M) in "Artisan Design"

Men's model wears a size (M) in 'Original Gemstone" & (S-M) in "Artisan Design"

For Original Gemstone bracelet designs (stretchy and non-stretchy)

SIZE Measurement of wrist
S 6"
M 7"
L 7.5"


For Artisan Design bracelets - adjustable to fit you perfectly.

SIZE  Measurement of wrist
S-M 5.5" - 7"
X-XL 7" - 8.5"


RING size chart


Measurement of string

Ring size
S 52  mm 6
M 56  mm 7.5
L 60  mm 9
XL 65  mm 11


* If your size is not available in stock, or if you have any questions about sizing, please email us at info@psihii.com to confirm.