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Limited edition collection.

Collaboration with American retailer, ‘Heal and Protect Yourself’©. Best known for their natural healing body and home products, Heal and Protect Yourself have partnered with PSIHII to create a one of a kind jewellery collection to promote healing and protection.

These organic natural stone beads are hand selected piece by piece and chosen for their particular healing properties.

Each design comes complete with an official PSIHII trademark tag. 

Available only online.

Due to the scarcity of these stones, our inventory is limited. 


Treat the cancer and heal your body. 

Cancer is a term used to describe an abnormal amount of cell growth which is detrimental to the healthy functioning of the human body. Modern medicine has made great strides in detection and treatment of this condition, and the use of complimentary therapies, like crystal therapy, can assist the body by working with the energy of the organ systems and peripheral energies.  

The word “hematite” is Greek from the word “hema”, meaning ‘blood’. The ancient Greeks called it the ‘blood stone’, because it activates blood circulation and stimulates the absorption of oxygen. It has historically been indicated as a treatment for blood disorders, tumours, and other growths. It helps heal wounds and assimilate iron in the blood, making it effective in cases of cancer and anemia. It energizes and oxygenates the blood, also causing an elevation in our mood and ‘happy’ feelings. 

Magnetic Hematite,specifically, has been used to restore, strengthen and regulate blood flow, help the kidneys clean the blood, and regenerate tissue. 

Having powerful energy to displace or dissolve malignant tumors, hematite can work effectively on diminishing the physical pain in cancer patients. Hematite detoxifies the body with its anti-inflammatory powers. It can also strengthen the body, improve resistance to stress and help to keep inner peace. 

This powerful grayish black stone has been used for centuries as an alternative form of healing. Its history dates back to ancient Egypt when the stone was used to stop blood flow and remove poisons from the body. 

In addition to helping treat cancer, the iron content in magnetic hematite helps heal blood pressure disorders and kidney problemsMagnetic hematite can help to regulate blood flow, as well as relieve headaches and anemia.  


Size Guide

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Size Chart

SIZES are identical for men's and women's catalogue.

Women's model wears a size (S) in 'Original Gemstone" & (S-M) in "Artisan Design"

Men's model wears a size (M) in 'Original Gemstone" & (S-M) in "Artisan Design"

For Original Gemstone bracelet designs (stretchy and non-stretchy)

SIZE Measurement of wrist
S 6"
M 7"
L 7.5"


For Artisan Design bracelets - adjustable to fit you perfectly.

SIZE  Measurement of wrist
S-M 5.5" - 7"
X-XL 7" - 8.5"


RING size chart


Measurement of string

Ring size
S 52  mm 6
M 56  mm 7.5
L 60  mm 9
XL 65  mm 11


* If your size is not available in stock, or if you have any questions about sizing, please email us at to confirm.